A Revolution in Global Roaming.

Travel without the fear of bill shock

When travelling internationally, your phone bill should not cost as much as your trip. Leave your SIM card safe at home in a Strone Roam and calls and messages will find you via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Stay connected

Roaming the world and staying in contact with family, friends and colleagues shouldn’t send shivers down your spine. Strone lets you keep your mobile number, while you are travelling internationally, without incurring global roaming costs. No more changing numbers, no more juggling multiple phones and no more missing important calls.

Meet the Strone Roam

    The Strone Roam is a smart device that connects calls and messages to and from your mobile number to the Strone app on your smartphone or tablet. It is easy to install and stays at home when you travel overseas.

Pack our apps

Install the Strone App on your smartphone or tablet and you can call to and from your home country without incurring roaming charges.



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