Before you leave...

Step 1 - Buy a Strone Roam

The Strone Roam is a smart device that connects calls and messages to and from your mobile number to the Strone app on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 2 - Download our Apps

Install the Strone App on your smartphone or tablet to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi or data SIM.

Step 3 - Connect your Roam

Connect your Strone Roam to the internet at home or work via an Ethernet cable.

Step 4 - Insert your Sim Card

Take the SIM card out of your phone and insert it into your Strone Roam. Your SIM stays safe at home while you are away.

Step 5 - Travel the World

You are now ready to go!

While you are away…

  • Connect to the internet via Wifi, a local SIM card or via our included Gigsky International Data SIM. Data plans are purchased in advance giving you complete control over your spend. Click here to view data pricing.

  • Outgoing calls and messages to your home country are charged to your mobile plan at local rates, meaning you avoid roaming charges.

  • Incoming calls and messages to your mobile number will find you via the Strone App, so you’ll never miss an important call.

  • Make international calls via the Strone App at a low per minute rate from as little as 3c per minute. Calling credit is purchased in advance giving you cost certainty.
    Click here to view call out pricing.

  • Calls and messages to other Strone App customers are free which is ideal for people travelling in groups

  • The Strone App offers free voicemail to record messages even when you are unavailable.

  • If you lose your phone while travelling you can buy a new phone, download the Strone App and pick up where you left off.

How we compare…

Strone Global Roaming with Carrier Skype/Viber Local Telco SIM Purchased on Arrival International Travel SIM Dialling and Messaging App
Calls to and from your own mobile number
Free calls and messages within the community
Cheap calls to other international locations
Cheap SMS to your own phone number
Free voicemail to your own phone number
Data plan to connect outside of WIFI

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