Today we are pleased to announce a strategic partnership with GigSky, a leading provider of world mobile data services.  GigSky will supply Strone with the GigSky SIM – a global data-only SIM card – so that our customers can easily access GigSky’s world mobile data services while traveling abroad.

“Strone Roam allows you to stay in touch with family or business on your own phone number wherever you are and without the fear of getting a huge bill when you get home,” said Tas Tudor, CEO and Director of Strone Technology, “while phone calls are hugely important, we know that having easy access to data while you travel is essential – this is why we chose GigSky as our world mobile data partner.”

The Strone GigSky partnership means that every Strone Roam device will now include a free GigSky SIM card, which will let customers use data in over 90 countries, as well as keep track of how much data they are using via the GigSky App. Additionally, the GigSky SIM card eliminates the need to buy a local SIM in every new country a traveler visits, allowing them to connect to data immediately upon arrival. You can view the GigSky data plans here.

Ravi Rishy-Maharaj, Founder and CEO of GigSky noted, “Strone Technology is the ideal partner for GigSky, as we provide the data connectivity travellers need to stay productive, and Strone provides the always important voice and text communication. We could not be happier to bring our individual strengths together for a common purpose – to create various connectivity options for the worldwide traveler.”

The device, complete with a GigSky SIM, will be available in early February 2016. Those interested in using Strone overseas are encouraged to order the device via, to be among the first to experience hassle-free global communication.

Strone Roam is a simple, elegant answer to the universal fear of bill shock. The service works by placing your SIM card into the device, which is about the size of a soft drink can. The Strone Roam device stays in your home or office connected to the internet, and pairs with the Strone App on your phone. From there, travellers can easily and conveniently make and receive calls and text messages straight from their device, without the fear of international roaming charges.

As always if you have any questions about this announcement just send us an email to


—The Strone Team

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