It has been another busy month at Strone with our launch date fast approaching. This month’s update covers:

  • Our Delivery date announcement
  • What we’ve been working on
  • A new way to get in touch with the Strone Support Team
  • Pricing News
  • Team Update

We’ve also included a video update from our CEO and Co-Founder, Tas Tudor.

Delivery Date Announcement

We’ve had a lot of people keen to know when they will be receiving their Strone Roam. We can now confirm that the first batch of Strone Roams will be rolling off the production line in the first week of November.

For our pre-order customers, these will be delivered approximately 7-10 days later. This is an important milestone for the Strone team and as you can imagine one that we are very excited about.

What we’ve been working on

On the product side, the focus this month has been to further build out our iOS, Android and Web Apps. Messaging is now complete across all three platforms. We’ve also been working on the set-up process so that you can now seamlessly set up your Stone Roam via your phone.

New ways to contact the Strone Support Team

This month we launched our telephone support service, giving you another way of contacting the Strone team.

When you have a question for the Strone Support team you can:

  • email, or
  • call (03) 8658 3270 for Australian customers (or +61 3 8658 3270 for international customers).

The Support team will be available Monday to Friday, between 9:30am and 5:00pm (Australian EST).

Pricing when making calls to a country other than your home country

There are three types of outgoing calls that can be made via the Strone App on your smartphone or tablet.

Calling another Strone customer via the Strone App. These calls will be free.Calling any number in your home country while overseas when your SIM card is inside your Strone Roam. These calls will be charged to your mobile phone bill as if you were at home. There are no additional Strone charges on these calls. Calls to any number in the world other than your home county. For these calls you’ll need to purchase pre-paid Strone minutes.

The pricing for calling another country other than your home country has now been finalised. You can view these highly competitive rates here.

Team Updates

This month we welcomed another member to the Strone team. Mike Barnett will head up Marketing for Strone. Mike’s role will be to tell the world about Strone and we are excited to have him join the team.

Video Update from Tas

Stay tuned for further updates in the coming week, as we near our launch date.

As always if you have any questions just send us an email to

Thank you all for helping to make this product a reality. We really appreciate your support!

—The Strone Team

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