There’s been a lot going on at Strone over the past month, including exciting developments for our customers, so let’s jump straight into the news.

Product Name Change – Meet the Strone Roam

As you may know, when we launched at CES in January, our product was called Strone Home.

We had strong feedback that the Strone Home name wasn’t clearly conveying the primary benefit of the product. Additionally it was not clear that the device was also a solution for business customers (they were asking if this was just something for customers at home).

After much thought and discussion we have change the product name to Strone Roam.

Exciting New Pricing

One of the other pieces of feedback was that the subscription plans were confusing. We’ve gone back to the drawing board and have a very attractive new pricing structure.

  • All calls to you will be free.
  • All calls you make back to your home country will be free of roaming charges. Calls will use your regular telco call plan, just like you were at home.
  • If you want to call anywhere else in the world just purchase a block of pre-paid Strone minutes. Pre-paid minutes will remain valid for 12 months. These will be extremely affordable.
  • All text messages that you send and receive will be free.

If calls to and from your home country make up the majority of your calls while your away, you will virtually eliminate any global roaming charges.

With the change away from subscription plans there are now new specials for our early pre-order customers.  If you placed a pre-order with us, keep your eye out for an email with further details.

From July 1st the price of the Strone Roam will increase from USD$125 to USD$150. This increase will cover the tremendous increase in value provided by the above call pricing changes.

If you want to secure the cheaper price of USD$125 then get your order in before June 30th.

Need Data?

While you’re away you will need a mobile data or WiFi connection to receive and make calls and texts. When you order your Strone Roam we include a Strone Data SIM with some free data just to get you on your way. You can top up with more data as you need it. Alternatively you can use WiFi or get a local SIM. More details on the Strone Data SIM will be available soon.

New Website

Earlier this week we launched a new version of the Strone website.  We hope the clean design makes it easier for you to navigate the site and get the information you’re looking for.

Richard Kimber Joins Team Strone

We are over the moon to announce that Strone has appointed Richard Kimber as our new non-executive Chairman. This is another exciting milestone in the very short history of our innovative little start-up.

Progress on Design, Development and Delivery

Development of the Strone Roam hardware and apps are continuing at a strong pace. We ware very close to announcing a firm shipping date for all pre-orders (expect that announcement in the July Strone Update).  Pre-order customers will be getting a heads-up on the shipping timeframe in the next week.

We will be also be offering all our pre-order customers a chance to participate in a closed beta testing period. The beta testers will get early access to the Strone Roam device and apps.  If you want to make sure you are part of the beta testing get your pre-order in before June 30th.


We made the move into our new StroneHQ in mid April.  Please note our new address – 13 Ellis Street, South Yarra, VIC  3141 Australia.

We hope you enjoy your June and we’ll be back with more news in the July Update. If you have any questions just drop an email to

Thank you all for helping to make this product a reality. We really appreciate your support!

– The Strone Team

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